Imas was born in Taranto, Italy. As a child, she drew toys, dresses, and food she wished she would have had. Later, her drawings evolved into imaginary world she created for herself to escape from her traumatic childhood. She immersed herself into music, painting, and doll making to help not to think about her problems.

At the age of seven Ima relocated to Cesenatico. When she was thirteen she started attending workshops at artists’ studios and began to learn different techniques.


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Creative process gave Ima satisfaction. She went on to study piano at conservatory and her music career took her as far as Japan. Ima’s artistic journey was enriched by extensive traveling and different cultures she experienced. During this time Ima experimented with her work until her distinguish style emerged.

Ima wanted to give her work an additional dimension and began experimenting with different materials. She developed a mix of non-conventional techniques, combined mosaics technique with Swarovski Crystals and set her painting objects against elaborate backgrounds. This gave her work a lot of depth and created a unique result.

Ima’s signature style is harmonized use of colors and imaginative decorated backgrounds.